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MuX by Decochon

MuX is a virtual reality sound toolbox developed by Viborg-based game company Decochon and supported by The Animation Workshop.


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    MuX is a VR sound toolbox, a creative "sandbox", a futuristic musical instrument and an intuitive audiovisual programming language. 

    In MuX, users can build their own original instruments by connecting together blocks.  

    The game has been released in early access on Steam. The current, modular component system (over 100 components to build with) allows you to shape sound using techniques such as additive, subtractive and FM synthesis as well as frequency and amplitude modulation. Spawn oscillators, choose their wave-type and frequency, then choose the components you want their signals to flow through. Use unique VR instruments like our Theramux or Laser Keyboard to control or perform those sounds.

    About Decochon

    Decochon is an independent interactive arts and games studio from Viborg, Denmark. The team consists of four people who specialize in game design and virtual reality.

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    Eduardo Fouilloux

    Eduardo Fouilloux

    CEO of Decochon


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Mux is a virtual reality experience by Decochon

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