Are you one of our censors?

We have gathered all the important information for our censors right here. Find information about where to go, whom to contact and much more.

Information for censors

  • We are working on making the forms available.

    More info will follow as soon as possible. 

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  • Censor Secretariat for Bachelor in Animation and Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling
    The Animation Workshop, VIA University College
    Kasernevej 5
    DK-8800 Viborg
    T: +45 87 55 49 00
    CVR: 30773077
    EAN: 5798000556287

    Censor Appointments and overall administration: 
    - Katrine Frausig, Administrator ( 

    Censor allocation for exams; registration in Wiseflow; payment, censor reports etc.: 
    - Bente Bækgaard Alsbjerg, Secretary ( )

    Censor chair, Bachelor in Animation:
    - Kristjan Møller (chair)
    - Hope Devlin-Kristiansen (deputy chair)

    Censor chair, Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling: 
    - Line Høj Høstrup (chair)
    - Peter Snejbjerg (deputy chair)


  • Requirements according to the executive order on exams in higher educational institutions, including information about the censor’s tasks and obligations (Eksamensbekendtgørelsen; in Danish only):

    External examiners are an essential part of the quality assurance of all Danish educations. The main function of an external examiner is to act as a co-examiner to the teacher or coordinator during exams in order to ensure a fair and correct procedure and assessment of the students’ performance. The conditions and learning objectives for each subject and exam are described in the study programmes of the education (see above). 

    As an external examiner, you must have

    1. comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the preconditions, objectives and methods of the programme element;
    2. specific competencies within one or more academic sub-areas covered by the programme; and
    3. up-to-date knowledge of the application of the programme, including knowledge of the employers' situation and needs.  

    Tasks according to the executive order 

    The tasks of the external examiner involve:

    1. working as an external examiner for the mid- or end year exams along with the coordinator for the class.
    2. assist in the assignments mentioned in the Ministerial Order, section 27;
    3. submit a brief report on the examination process to the educational institution and the chairman of the external examiners at the end of the examination period
    4. assist in the consideration of appeals relating to examinations

    If you would like to apply to join the group of external examiners, please request an application form at

    Read more about the executive orders from the Danish Ministry of Education:

    Executive order on the professional bachelor’s degree(Bekendtgørelse af lov om erhvervsakademiuddannelser og professionsbacheloruddannelser - in Danish only):
    rel="noopener noreferrer" href="" target="_blank">Executive order on exams in Higher educational institutions, including information about the censor’s tasks and obligations (Eksamensbekendtgørelsen – in Danish only):  
    • Executive order on the Danish grading system (Bekendtgørelse om karakterskala og anden bedømmelse ved uddannelser på Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriets område (Karakterbekendtgørelsen) – in Danish)
    Executive order on the Danish grading system (Karakterbekendtgørelsen) – English version (PDF)

  • The Bachelor’s degree programme (Professionsbachelor) in Animation

    Educational Director (Uddannelsesleder), Bachelor in Animation: Kasper Kruse

    Head of Studies (Faglig leder), Bachelor in Animation: Lotte Kronborg Thomsen (


    The Bachelor’s degree programme (Professionsbachelor) in Graphic Storytelling

    Educational Director (Uddannelsesleder), Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling: Kasper Kruse

    Head of Studies (Faglig leder), Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling: Peter Dyring Olsen (